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IELTS task that is writing / Advantage Disadvantage Essay Sample Answer

IELTS task that is writing / Advantage Disadvantage Essay Sample Answer

IELTS Advantage Disadvantage Essay Question

The development of tourism contributed to English becoming probably the most prominent language in the planet. Some individuals think this may result in English becoming the language that is only be talked globally.
Exactly what are the benefits and drawbacks to presenting one language on the planet?

IELTS Advantage Disadvantage Model Essay Answer

It really is thought by many people that English, that will be now probably the most commonly talked language on the planet, may one time predominate over other languages and bring about their ultimate disappearance. Having one language would definitely assist understanding and growth that is economic there may additionally be some downsides.

One benefit that is evident having one international language is the fact that it can allow greater understanding between nations. The flow of information and ideas in other words, if everyone spoke one language, there would be complete understanding between not only countries but all people throughout the world which would promote learning.
Another reason why one language could be beneficial is the fact that it could assist growth that is economic. Along with individuals talking the exact same language, you will see less barriers and so trade would thrive between nations, leading to a wholesome globe economy.

Having said that, you will find apparent disadvantages to using only 1 language that is global.
Firstly, it might imply that all the languages would fundamentally disappear completely and, along side them, their countries. The variety of countries is among the joys this global globe is offering. Each tradition is exclusive featuring its own way of living and very own perspectives worldwide which would all be lost if there have been only 1 language.

Next, it might end in the collapse of tourism since there could be no reason at all traveling for pleasure and interest if all nations had the language that is same comparable countries. This might devastate many nations economically that depend on tourism as a revenue stream.

In summary, while there are pluses to having one international language, way too much could be lost because of this. Keeping regional languages and cultures should really be prioritised to make sure a world that is rich for generations to come.

How exactly to Compose A film Analysis Essay

Composing a movie analysis can feel entering international territory for some students. Many pupils are acclimatized to composing analytical essays about books, not about movies.

Once you consider it, movies and publications have actually a whole lot in keeping. Both consist of figures, establishing and themes. The huge difference could be the automobile utilized to tell the storyline. Written down a film review, you’ll additionally account for cinematography, acting, costume and environment.

Here are a few areas to take into account whenever crafting a movie review essay:

Study Other Movie Reviews

In the event that you’ve never ever written a movie analysis prior to, it could be useful to observe how other folks compose them to provide you with a sense of different themes and some ideas you can easily explore.

Watch the Film Over And Over Again

In reality, the greater it is watched by you, the greater nuance you’ll find a way to grab. Pause, re-watch and rewind to fully capture just as much information as you can.

Select Your Theme

There are lots of various perspectives to select whenever analyzing a movie. One really popular theme is the compare/contrast:

    Perhaps you are comparing the movie into the guide so it’s considering in which instance look that is you’ll similarities and distinctions. As an example, the 1959 movie Ebony Orpheus takes the >Other suggestions to give consideration to:

Acting is definitely a component that is important of movie. Would be the actors acting in a stylized and particular means? If it is a period of time piece, perform some actor’s execute a job that is good of accents and manners of speaking? Will there be improvisation such as the famous ending of Coppola’s Apocalypse Now where Marlon Brando improvises the dialogue whenever he’s discovered by Charlie Sheen’s character?

Will be the figures completely developed? Are they believable? This is a critique of films being predicated on publications- that the figures aren’t developed since completely as with the book and then the tale does not carry because much meaning. Whether or otherwise not it is according to book, character development is oftentimes key to a film’s success. Consider set up movie you’re currently talking about achieves this.


So how exactly does the filmmaker utilize the digital digital camera to share with the storyline? Are there any wide panning shots? Will it be esthetically gorgeous? Does he essay4you prices forgo the usage of big spending plan results in choice of handheld cameras and lighting that is natural the filmmakers whom finalized the Dogme 95 Manifesto? How exactly does the filmmaker’s model of shooting contribute to your film’s meaning or impact?

exactly What major themes drive the tale? Revenge, love, lose, fate, transformation, redemption are typical themes. Just How effective may be the filmmaker at translating this theme to movie? What vehicles does he used to highlight these themes?


The 1963 movie Cleopatra had been lauded among the most committed and films that are expensive made out of elaborate costumes and movie sets. Having said that, there is the movie Dogville that will be basically an unfinished movie theater phase that’s shot on movie with a handheld camera. Between both of these extremes you will find numerous of movies which have utilized establishing and costume to varying impact. Just how can these factors contribute or detract from your own plumped for movie?

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