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Local Cuisine. Today’s blog post is presented by certainly one of our admission counselors, Alejandra.

Local Cuisine. Today’s blog post is presented by certainly one of our admission counselors, Alejandra.

As a Los Angeles native, my favorite thing about this town is the diversity. Los Angeles is a cultural and cultural hub that allows us to have usage of wonderful art museums, musical venues, and my personal favorite, delicious food! I’m known within the office if you are a food aficionado and am constantly surprised by what l . a . and also the local USC neighborhood has to provide in this shmoop pro regard.

One of my favorite USC neighborhood establishments is Mercado La Paloma (The Dove Market), a food that is mini within walking distance of campus. La Paloma features cuisines from across the world including my two favorites, Chichen Itza, that provides food from the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, and Mo-Chica which features gourmet Peruvian meals at a reasonable price. Mo restaurant that is best in la by LA Magazine in 2010. This marketplace is a hidden treasure in our community.

Every summer time, once per week, our admission counselors take a lunch that is long a local restaurant then explore what our community needs to provide by visiting local museums and galleries. Last year one of the biggest hits had been the 23rd Street Café which can be accessible using the USC Tram. It is a fusion of Indian-Mexican food, with some of the most chicken that is mouthwatering masala quesadillas.

Chano’s, a USC organization, is located a walk that is short campus. Besides the fact that it is open into the wee hours for the night, you are able to find some very good Mexican food there. Surrounding Chano’s is almost any and every take out restaurant that you can buy. Our office favorites include Five Guys, Free Birds, Chipotle, and Chick-Fil-A all within walking distance!

In addition to some off-campus favorites, i would really like to highlight the food that is excellent we have on campus. Our new Ronald Tutor Campus Center also has a lot of options for students including Panda Express, Wahoo’s Fish Taco, California Pizza Kitchen, and Carl’s Jr. Lemonade, a Los Angeles boutique café, has regional and natural foods and is also one of the best food that is healthy on campus. Additionally they have 4 different flavors of fresh lemonade each day, my favorite being blueberry-mint. If you’re looking for an all-you-can-eat experience, the dining halls on campus, such as Parkside Residential Dining Hall, provide a variety of cuisine which range from pizza to international specialties.

Recently in Los Angeles there is a food vehicle event, boasting a few of the most revolutionary, delicious, affordable, and food that is quick. Last we took a lunch trip to the food trucks week. In the image you can observe us getting prepared to chow down on Filipino style tacos and good old burgers that are american. They truly are on campus daily and can be tracked through Twitter.

Well, as you can see I can speak about food for hours on end, however I encourage you to not only experience just what our school is offering on campus, but also get to know our neighborhood. Who knows? Day you may run into one of us at lunch one!

When To See Campus


through the next few months, we expect to host many prospective students and their families on campus. Although we’ve touched on the visit programs USC provides in a past we blog post, we desired to address it once more since numerous pupils make spring travel plans to tour college that is various.

It may seem like college applications are far, far in the distance if you are a current high school junior. Truth learn, your whole school that is high will help contour your college applications! Since we realize many senior school juniors are looking forward to life after high school, we encourage students to begin visiting campuses to shape ideas about what they are doing or do n’t need in a college. It is never too early to start wondering a few of the tough concerns: Do I want to go to college close to home or far away? Am I looking for a large or a school that is small? What forms of academic programs might I be interested in studying? Also as a college student if you don’t have answers to these questions yet, a campus visit will help you start to envision yourself.

You are likely waiting to hear about your admission decision if you are a current high school senior who has already applied to USC. Since all applicants that are first-year be informed of our admission choices by April 1st, we provide on-campus visit programs specifically for admitted students through the entire month of April. More details about these scheduled programs will be around in your admit packet. While we hope all admitted students should be able to check out campus, it is a good idea to wait until once you have gotten your admission decision since we have designed programs particularly for admitted pupils and their families.

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