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Attraction to thousands of visitors across the world - Har ki paudi, Ganga Aarti Haridwar.

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Asthi visarjan pooja

It is written is our holy scriptures that immersing the ashes of a departed loved one in the holy waters of Ganga is to release their soul from bondage and to help their spirit progress towards liberation. It is believed Ashes immersion in Haridwar takes souls to the abode of lord. it grants salvation to all, including those who have committed gross sins. It is, therefore, every family’s deepest wish to perform this sacred final rite for their loved ones at Haridwar. People Travels from across the world to Haridwar to immerse their loved ones’ ashes in the Holy water of River Ganga.


We offer cost effective packages affordable for commons. This way we assist you to fulfill your obligation towards your ancestors and departed family members. This includes Asthi poojan at Ganga Ghat , Visarjan, Brahmin Bhojan and all required samagree for poojan. It can be performed in two ways.

  • Family members can go to Haridwar and they can perform asthi Visarjan Pooja with their own hands
  • Priests can do it on behalf of the family members of the deceased one (Prasad of the poojan, 10-15 Pictures , video CD* shall be provided by us)

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