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Pind daan

The Pind daan is performed after the death of a person. The word pind means a body. The word daan denotes denotes charity or giving. Therefore Pind daan means giving charity to the body of the deceased.
It is believed that no work can be successfully performed without the blessings of ancestors and without performing pind daan. Pind daan helps in the process of achieving mukti or final emancipation of the spirits of loved ones from cycle of deaths and rebirths.

Haridwar is among the most sacred places for Pind Daan. The ganges of Haridwar is believed to make on get rid of sins and liberate souls. Kushavarta Ghat is the best place for pind daan in Haridwar. Take our affordable packages and get the Pind daan done by our vedic priests

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