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Pitra tarpan pooja

Pitra tarpan is a way of gratifying the ancestors and freeing them from any unfulfilled desires so that they can complete their journey to the heavenly abode with peace , satisfaction and happiness. By performing tarpan at a holy place, the deceased ancestors’ souls not only get satisfied and leave us, but they also bestow long life, radiance, superior intellect, wealth, success and foodstuff(ability to digest food consumed) on the host performing the tarpan and satisfies him too.

It is believed and written in ancient texts , pitra tarpan made at Narayani Sheela, Haridwar leads our deceased ancestors directly to the abode of lords. Devotees from all over the world comes to this place during pitra pachh for keeping soul of their pitrus in peace.

It can be performed in two ways

  • one can perform the puja in person with us.
  • The ceremony will be conducted on your behalf by our vedic priests after taking required information from you. Prasad pujan , Photographs and Video CD will be couriered to your address

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